Long Time Work Buddies!

One area of my career that has been a real blessing has been some of the wonderful people i have had the honor of working with over the years.  Below are several of them.

Mark and Ed
Ed Workman
Ed's crowning achievement in life was to use super-glue on a coworkers desk to permanently attach everything to the desk.

mark and dru!
Dru! (And how does that make you feel? Circa June 1, 2006)

Thumbi and his daughters Wangui and Muthoni (pronounced Mow-thaw-knee)

Dick Kuban of Colorado Ute (pictured here at some other nameless company)
the reason Dick is smiling here is because he was about to retire

Monty King, MoFo, EG, John Bearce, Art (1992)

Emmit EG Lamb, Mark, Bob White, John Bearce, (2012)


Ed, Kay, Dottie, & 'Mas' Joe

Sylvia and Mike Chapman buy me dinner in Redding England! (sadly Mike has since passed away)

Al, Me, Steve, Mike Kirksey at my wedding September 19, 1987

Joanne Prickett wins the 'Supervisor of the Year' award 1986!



Fred, Rex, Ray, Les, Dottie, Joe, Doreen - the Microchip crew


Phil "Goosemaster" LaBrunda (my boss, 1974)