clouDNS rebranding (or vanity nameserver) - 2012-12-23

These are the steps to interface with  The goal is to have a "vanity" nameserver that functions identically to a regular nameserver.

These first two steps are done at

STEP ONE:  You must add glue records (child nameservers) to

Start here:

nameserver registration

Now make the following changes:


STEP TWO: Change the nameservers from the panel of your domain registrar to:
Start here:
domain name server setup

Now make the following changes:

existing name servers

Do the remaining two steps at the clouDNS website:

STEP THREE: Change the NS records:
From: To:
cloud server dns settings
STEP FOUR: Add this A records:
added a records
STEP FIVE: fix the SOA record:
added a records

Once we are all done, we should see something like this


After this is all set, finally enter the alias-domains in the "Cloud domains" option:
cloud domains